First Sin

Zack and Cody didn't know what it really meant to indulge, but they found out fast, and fell hard into one another.  full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

Second Sin

Zack indulges further, breaking his morals and finding out what he is really capable of. full chapter (Password:FiveMiles)

A Query with Cody

Simple exploration leads to a search, and a new question to be raised: how much further should they go? full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

Third Sin

Zack forces Cody to do something for him, something Zack said would never happen... full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

Fourth Sin

Things settle down, and the twins profess their love for one another, and talk about what comes next. full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

The Fall

The twins watch a film with their mother, flirting in the dark, and later, Cody loses his virginity... full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

Fifth Sin

A shower to clean them and some rest, only to wake up for a doctor's appointment... full chapter(Password:FiveMiles)

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